Believing that all people are entitled to fulfill their potential, the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana exists to serve children, adolescents and adults with specific learning disabilities.

Dii has been effectively helping children with dyslexia in Central Indiana improve literacy skills since 1989.

Dii serves students, parents, and educators who are impacted by dyslexia and other language learning difficulties through several primary programs, including one-on-one tutoring, Camp Delafield, psycho-educational evaluations, and parent and educator training.

Dii is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization recognized by the federal government. All donations are tax-deductible. Our federal tax ID number is 35-178032.


Contact us today at 317-222-6635.

Location: 8395 Keystone Crossing, Suite 110 Indianapolis, IN 46240

Hours: 9am–5pm Monday-Thursday, by appointment Fridays

Dii is hiring!

Interested in joining our tutoring staff? Part-time tutoring staff positions are avaiable. Contact Lynn Leonard here.


Dii Staff


Bill Herman, CEO 

Orton Gillingham School Implementation

Bill is a former school teacher, administrator and principal. As a principal, he saw the power of Orton-Gillingham in the classroom. "The kindergarteners and first graders who had Orton- Gillingham instruction in the classroom were blowing expectations out of the water. It is a truly powerful tool in the classroom." 

Bill also enjoys traveling and serving as the Board President of the Noblesville Society of St. Vincent de Paul.


Lynn Leonard, Director of Programs

Orton-Gillingham Trainer and Instructor, Basic, Intermmediate and Advanced
Multisensory Math Trainer and Instructor
Written Expression Trainer and Instructor

Lynn loves Orton-Gillingham. "The best part about working one-on-one with a student is watching Orton-Gillingham unlock their potential. I get to see light bulbs go off in my students every day. It's truly remarkable."

When she isn't working at Dii, Lynn enjoys bike riding, paddle boarding and spending time at the lake.


Deniese Hofmeister, Director of Operations

Orton-Gillingham Instructor, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced
Multisensory Math Instructor
Written Expression Instructor

When Deniese isn't working with a student, she keeps Dii running. Outside of her passion for Orton-Gillingham and helping dyslexic students learn to read, she is a music enthusiast and enjoys spending time with her family. 


Dii Board of Directors


Chair Adam Cookerly

Vice Chair Kari Halbrook

Treasurer Calvin Chambers

Secretary Kari H. Halbrook

Emeritus Julie Richter 

Tom Laughner

Charisse Alexander-Murphy

Julie Pratt